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Go Girls!!

Today I sit here at my desk pondering International Women’s Day. I am pretty sure that today I should be feeling strong, proud and liberated, maybe wearing a power suit or burning my bra but actually I’m wearing a heated wheat bag on my neck as I am suffering from Torticollis (no I don’t know what this is either but it hurts!), I am drinking my hot water and waiting for the wife to pick me up so I can drown my sorrows over a glass of milk while sat in bed watching this weeks “Celebs go Dating”.
Woo go me, you strong independent woman!

I am however very lucky in that I am loved by some amazing women in my life.
My wife manages to work full time, care for our toddler and train in a new care sector. My sister runs her own business as well as raising the most well behaved teenager ever. We have a Registered Manager in our office and she is my life guru and inspiration as she has such determination and strength. My mum has overcome illness and loss in her life yet is still smashing pare…
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Our team are awesome!

This morning the office team had a discussion about the current weather and how it had impacted on our business overnight. Of course, I was involved in this whole-heartedly, never once looking over the manager’s head to the donuts that were placed just behind him. We love donut Friday in this office!
In all honesty, though, the weather has been pretty extreme overnight. This morning it was minus 2 in my car! Schools in Plymouth have been closed, drivers were stranded at Holden Hill for hours with local pubs making up make shift beds to house cold and tired drivers for the night, trains have been cancelled and plenty of people have fallen on the icy pavement’s including our very own Marketing genius in the office.
In March of last year, we had snow for days. Of course, the romantic part of me thought it was wonderful to see families outside having snowball fights, sliding on sleds and making snowmen before going indoors to cosy up and watch a film in front of a roaring fire but alas …

Balance, is that a Snickers in one hand and a Mars Bar in the other?

You can’t truly be considered successful in your business life if your home life is in shambles.”  Zig Ziglar, motivational speaker

Oh Monday, here you are again.
Now I do love love love my job but I do also love mooching about in my pyjamas, watching re-runs of reality TV, eating far too much ice cream and making things out of Play-Doh (for the toddler obviously).

But no here I am trying to squeeze myself into tights, a nice dress and non-comfortable shoes ready for a day at the office, really should have stopped eating that ice cream.  The weekend is over!

Now I am lucky in that I do adore my job and I literally never want to leave Next Generation (Boss, are you reading this?!) and I have an amazing team of colleagues who make work so enjoyable but not everyone is as fortunate.

A Mental Health Foundation survey found:
·         One third of respondents felt unhappy or even very unhappy about the time they are at work.
·         More than 40% of employees are neglecting other aspect…

Age is just a number, right?!

This morning I read an article about a 99-year-old Grandmother who had recently started Rock Climbing, not making jam or starting an embroidery project but actual rock climbing!

Now I was actually reading this article in bed while trying to mentally and physically prepare myself for the huge task of getting out of bed. Think of me literally rolling out of bed like a turtle, a helpless turtle that is making no noise whatsoever due to their wife and toddler still being asleep and no one needs to wake a sleeping toddler, ever!

I started to think is age just a number?

Now, this particular grandmother was at The Manchester Climbing Centre to watch her daughter take on the task of the climbing wall, but decided to have a go herself.
At 99 years of age, she thought on a whim she would just climb a wall.
I am shocked at this as I am the type of individual who actually needs a whole week to think about the fact that I may have a swimming session at the weekend, by session, I actually mean I will sw…

Dementia and a Donut

This weekend we went to see The Gingerbread Man at the Theatre Royal, it was fantastic by the way, if you have toddlers then go and see this, a whole hour of them being entertained while you have a cheeky little snooze in the dark, us working mums need those ten minutes whenever we can get it!

On route to the theatre, while trying to make the toddler wear his hat because we are in January, such a bed mum hey! We came across a Dementia Friendly parking space and this got me thinking is Dementia more widespread these days or is it because of social media and the news that we are now simply more aware of it?

There is obviously a need for Dementia Parking spaces or the local council would not have allocated the time and money to implement such a thing. So why? Well in true Kim fashion I needed to know why because of course being a full time working mum and wife who is currently working towards my Level 5 in Health and Social Care I have soooo much time on my hands right?!

These days’ people …